The Sports Industry has long used data to build better teams at lower costs. Company Combine brings you the same process. 

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Scouting Report

Our proprietary Scouting Report gives you data on individual employees. By administering a 30 minute assessment to potential hires, you can ensure that your hires are a good fit for your team.

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Company Statistics

You need game-changing information about your entire enterprise. By plotting the data of all employees together, you can drive a more productive hiring strategy.

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Team Building

Bad teams don't win championships. They also cost companies billions of dollars per year. The data you'll get will save you money and ensure that you are building more productive teams.

Make Good Players Better


The data is your playbook, but you'll need a coach to turn it into a Gamplan. Company Combine can map out your training strategy. We assess your company statistics and determine what needs immediate attention. We provide basic training on a wide variety of subjects and we build your training Gameplan for the future.